A Closer Look at Flowbooking

A Technical Perspective


Flowbooking is a comprised of two separate but connected web applications. The first application is the booking application that your customers see. It provides a list of events (with optional filtering) and a simple interface to make bookings.

The second application is known as the Dashboard. It allows you and nominated administrators to create, modify, and schedule classes and events. You can easily access booking lists for any event, as well as information about your customers and their booking history. You will need a username and password to access the Dashboard.

Browser Support

The applications can be used in all major browsers with javascript enabled. Both applications rely on javascript to make AJAX requests and make the booking experience as smooth as possible. As such, users without javascript enabled (estimated at less than 0.5%) will have to enable javascript to use the application.

The booking app will run in Internet Explorer (IE6+), Firefox (1.0+), Chrome, Safari (2+) and Opera (9.0).

The Dashboard takes advantage of some newer features that are only available in modern browsers. That means that some features will not be available in IE6, IE7, IE8, and Safari 2.0. However, critical features will still function as expected in these browsers.

Embedding the Booking App

We wanted the booking experience to be seamless, so we made it possible to directly embed the booking app into any web site. That means that the app is injected into the DOM of your page.

Since the booking app becomes part of your web site, it can therefore be styled using CSS.

Alternatively, you can insert the app into your web site using iframes.

The Dashboard provides the HTML code required to embed the Booking App in your web site.


We take care of hosting Flowbooking so you have no extra hardware to run or software to install. It also means you get updates automatically, as soon as they are available.

We built Flowbooking on top of reliable cloud infrastructure which means you aren't exposed when machines fail, allowing your business to operate in the meanest of conditions.

Your data is automatically synchronised across several data centres, giving you peace of mind.

About Flowbooking

Flowbooking is the intuitive online booking system for classes, events and workshops. It allows your business to take bookings and registrations from your own web site with our embedded widget application. The modern interface is easy to use and saves you time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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With great browser compatibility, seamless integration and reliability, choosing Flowbooking is a sound technical choice.

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