Advantages of an Online Booking System

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Does your business run on bookings and registrations? If you are still using pen and paper booking sheets, or typing away in that messy spreadsheet, then you stand to gain a lot from improving your booking process.

E-mail Bookings

Taking bookings by e-mail seems like a good option, but it frequently requires back-and-forth communication to seal the deal. The big disadvantage with e-mail is that it requires two parties but is asynchronous, meaning that you end up leaving messages in each others' inboxes instead of communicating in real time. This can result in simple conversations spanning hours or days.

Online booking tries to move the information onto your web site where it is always available. Detailed class descriptions, directions, maps and other information on the web site is always available, even when you aren't around to answer e-mails. Your customers won't have to wait for replies to know that they have secured their booking, and you won't have to lift a finger to accept bookings - it is all done automatically.

Bookings by Phone

Taking a phone call is even worse. Phone calls are time-sensitive; if you aren't available when the phone rings, you can lose a lead. You can take voicemail messages, but up to 50% of your leads will simply hang up when they are greeted by an answering machine. They may call back... if they haven't decided to go with your competitors.

If your business is small, or if you are the business, then phone calls can literally interrupt your entire business; they steal your attention away from what you are doing, break your concentration and train of thought, and take time away from your day.

Some customers will still prefer to use the phones, so you still need to be able to support that.

Moving to an online booking system will result in significant reductions in business interruptions over a phone-based booking process. You can also stop losing leads when you can't answer the phone, allowing you to relax about those missed phone calls.

Advantages of Flowbooking

Moving to an integrated online booking system like Flowbooking can save you precious hours in a day answering the same e-mails over and over, and give you more space to focus on your core business without the constant phone interruptions.

With Flowbooking, you setup your classes and events, add the app to your web site and let your customers make and cancel bookings all through our easy to use online app. You get an overview of incoming bookings and can make, cancel and manage bookings from your very own dashboard.

And right when you very need it, you can access your booking lists from any internet connected device, or print out your booking lists for when you are out and about.

For a small business owner doing 100 booking a week, spending an average of 3 minutes per booking (e-mails, phone conversations), this adds up to 300 minutes, or 5 hours every week. What could you do with an extra 5 hours every week?

Time is precious; let us help you take bookings so you get more time to focus on your business.

About Flowbooking

Flowbooking is the intuitive online booking system for classes, events and workshops. It allows your business to take bookings and registrations from your own web site with our embedded widget application. The modern interface is easy to use and saves you time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Are you still spending your days taking bookings by fax, phone, e-mail or clumsy web forms? Automate your booking process and let Flowbooking do all the work.

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